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Presets for ES2 and EXS24 instruments. Drum Tree by 9 Soundware is a collection of presets and instruments for Apple Logic Pro inspired by drums. The concept behind the sound set was to adapt electronic drum timbres, commonly handled as static snapshots in the form of samples, to the keyboard paradigm and reactive qualities of synthesis. In addition to acting as source presets for resampling, these patches allow for heightened flexibility in sequencing dynamic rhythms and interactivity in performance contexts. Featuring three main components, the multi-format product includes files for the ES2 synthesizer and EXS24 sampler, as well as Channel Strips.

ES2 presets
The ES2 component of Drum Tree was designed to repurpose the archetypical, yet immensely flexible, synthesizer as an atypically interactive generator of drum kit component sounds. The presets were designed to be played by MIDI keyboards. They were tuned to maintain percussiveness across the approximate key range of C1 and C6. In addition, each patch was programmed for velocity-triggered modulation. Unlimited by architectures of synthesis modules built into conventional drum machines, the ES2 presets of Drum Tree were designed to challenge orthodox notions of electronic drums.

The ES2 component of the sound set comprises of 100 files. Categories include “Bass Drum”, “Snare Drum”, “Hi-Hat”, “Tom”, “Crash Cymbal”, “Ride Cymbal”. “Side Stick”, and “Hand Clap”, each consisting of 10 files, with the exception of “Bass Drum” and “Snare Drum”, both of which include 20 files.

Examples include bass and snare drums with sustain-capable ADSR settings and tempo-synced LFO modulation, kick drums which can be used to play bass lines, noise-only snares with extreme filter settings, hi-hats which allow for complex pan sequences, and tonal crash cymbals with modulated DIgiwaves.

EXS24 instruments
In contrast to the ES2 component of Drum Tree, the EXS24 component, based on 150 samples from the original Drum Key release (now discontinued), were designed with an emphasis on punch and tightness. Evocative of acoustic drums, the unique, yet versatile, samples serve as a counterpoint to the synthetic character of the ES2 presets. “Thwack” being a maxim behind their design, the kick and snare files, in particular, are effective when stacked with other sounds.

The EXS24 component of the sound set comprises of 20 instruments. Included are 10 .exs files which type-specifically reference the bass drum, snare drum, hi-hat, tom, crash cymbal, ride cymbal, side stick, and hand clap samples, as well as 10 drum kit files with keymaps consistent to those used in Logic factory presets.

Unlike the Logic Pro EXS24 factory content, samples used for each instrument are not placed in individual folders. Instead, they are all placed in one folder. The primary reason for this is to simplify the creation of new instruments. Users are invited to create new .exs files which draw on these samples.

Channel Strip settings
Designed for use with the ES2 and EXS24 components of Drum Tree, included are 10 Channel Strip settings which alter dynamics. They consist of compressor-based plug-in chains which heighten loudness and punch, those which tighten the decay portion of audio using the Expander plug-in, those with high compression ratios to increase perceived sustain, as well as those which compress reverb.

Drum Tree is a modular product. In addition to the full version of the product which includes all three components, the ES2 and EXS24 components are available as partial downloads. The Channel Strip files are exclusive to the complete edition.

Bass Drum 01.pst
Bass Drum 02.pst
Bass Drum 03.pst
Bass Drum 04.pst
Bass Drum 05.pst
Bass Drum 06.pst
Bass Drum 07.pst
Bass Drum 08.pst
Bass Drum 09.pst
Bass Drum 10.pst
Bass Drum 11.pst
Bass Drum 12.pst
Bass Drum 13.pst
Bass Drum 14.pst
Bass Drum 15.pst
Bass Drum 16.pst
Bass Drum 17.pst
Bass Drum 18.pst
Bass Drum 19.pst
Bass Drum 20.pst

Snare Drum 01.pst
Snare Drum 02.pst
Snare Drum 03.pst
Snare Drum 04.pst
Snare Drum 05.pst
Snare Drum 06.pst
Snare Drum 07.pst
Snare Drum 08.pst
Snare Drum 09.pst
Snare Drum 10.pst
Snare Drum 11.pst
Snare Drum 12.pst
Snare Drum 13.pst
Snare Drum 14.pst
Snare Drum 15.pst
Snare Drum 16.pst
Snare Drum 17.pst
Snare Drum 18.pst
Snare Drum 19.pst
Snare Drum 20.pst

Hi-Hat 01.pst
Hi-Hat 02.pst
Hi-Hat 03.pst
Hi-Hat 04.pst
Hi-Hat 05.pst
Hi-Hat 06.pst
Hi-Hat 07.pst
Hi-Hat 08.pst
Hi-Hat 09.pst
Hi-Hat 10.pst

Tom 01.pst
Tom 02.pst
Tom 03.pst
Tom 04.pst
Tom 05.pst
Tom 06.pst
Tom 07.pst
Tom 08.pst
Tom 09.pst
Tom 10.pst

Crash Cymbal 01.pst
Crash Cymbal 02.pst
Crash Cymbal 03.pst
Crash Cymbal 04.pst
Crash Cymbal 05.pst
Crash Cymbal 06.pst
Crash Cymbal 07.pst
Crash Cymbal 08.pst
Crash Cymbal 09.pst
Crash Cymbal 10.pst

Ride Cymbal 01.pst
Ride Cymbal 02.pst
Ride Cymbal 03.pst
Ride Cymbal 04.pst
Ride Cymbal 05.pst
Ride Cymbal 06.pst
Ride Cymbal 07.pst
Ride Cymbal 08.pst
Ride Cymbal 09.pst
Ride Cymbal 10.pst

Side Stick 01.pst
Side Stick 02.pst
Side Stick 03.pst
Side Stick 04.pst
Side Stick 05.pst
Side Stick 06.pst
Side Stick 07.pst
Side Stick 08.pst
Side Stick 09.pst
Side Stick 10.pst

Hand Clap 01.pst
Hand Clap 02.pst
Hand Clap 03.pst
Hand Clap 04.pst
Hand Clap 05.pst
Hand Clap 06.pst
Hand Clap 07.pst
Hand Clap 08.pst
Hand Clap 09.pst
Hand Clap 10.pst

Bass Drum 1.exs
Bass Drum 2.exs
Snare Drum 1.exs
Snare Drum 2.exs
Crash Cymbal.exs
Ride Cymbal.exs
Side Stick.exs
Hand Clap.exs

Drum kit 01.exs
Drum kit 02.exs
Drum kit 03.exs
Drum kit 04.exs
Drum kit 05.exs
Drum kit 06.exs
Drum kit 07.exs
Drum kit 08.exs
Drum kit 09.exs
Drum kit 10.exs

Dynamics 01.cst
Dynamics 02.cst
Dynamics 03.cst
Dynamics 04.cst
Dynamics 05.cst
Dynamics 06.cst
Dynamics 07.cst
Dynamics 08.cst
Dynamics 09.cst
Dynamics 10.cst

Sound design by Daisuke Fuchigami.


100 .pst files
20 .EXS files
150 WAV files (24-bit/44.1 kHz)
10 .cst files

50 MB

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