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Wring software. Left field and genre neutral.

9 Soundware is a sound design label that aims to create software instrument patches that are unromanticizing of musical technologies and their histories, and to the extent possible, neutral to genre biases.

9 Soundware products are designed to be building blocks for those who get their hands dirty with sound design, as well as those who incorporate preset surfing as a part of their workflow. Foley-style recordings feature prominently throughout its sample-based releases, while its synthesizer patches range from minimalist formulas that leave plenty of room for user intervention to extreme patches that challenge the capabilities of host instruments.

Founded in 2009 by Daisuke Fuchigami, 9 Soundware is based in Cambridge, MA USA.

Crypton Future Media, Inc.

Press releases

9 Soundware Releases Helix Version 2 ES2 Presets9Soundware_2018_02-22.docHelix.jpg
9 Soundware Releases String Version 2 Sculpture Presets9Soundware_2016_10-13.docString.jpg
9 Soundware Releases Drum Key Version 2 Ultrabeat Presets9Soundware_2012_02-02.docDrumKey.jpg
9 Soundware Releases I/O Effects Recipes for Logic Pro9Soundware_2011_07-28.docIO.jpg
9 Soundware Releases Drum Tree Presets for ES2 and EXS24 instruments9Soundware_2011_05-31.docDrumTree.jpg
9 Soundware Releases Orchestral Disorder Presets for Sculpture and ES29Soundware_2011_02-17.docOrchestralDisorder.jpg
9 Soundware Releases Heartbeat EXS24 Instruments9Soundware_2010_09-09.docHeartbeat.jpg
9 Soundware Releases Heartbeat K Kontakt Instruments9Soundware_2010_06-17.docHeartbeatK.jpg
9 Soundware Releases Operator EFM1 Presets9Soundware_2009_11-19.docOperator.jpg
9 Soundware Releases Voice Code EVOC 20 Presets9Soundware_2009_10-29.docVoiceCode.jpg
9 Soundware Releases Ring RingShifter Presets9Soundware_2009_10-22.docRing.jpg
9 Soundware Releases Kung Fu EXS24 Instrument9Soundware_2009_07-30.docKungFu.jpg
9 Soundware Releases Error EXS24 Instruments9Soundware_2009_07-16.docError.jpg
9 Soundware Releases Concussion EXS24 Instrument9Soundware_2009_04-30.docConcussion.jpg
9 Soundware Releases Discord EXS24 Instruments9Soundware_2009_04-23.docDiscord.jpg
9 Soundware Releases 666 EXS24 Instruments9Soundware_2009_04-16.doc666.jpg
9 Soundware Releases Thrash EXS24 Instruments9Soundware_2009_04-09.docThrash.jpg
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