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About 9 Soundware

Wring software. Left field and genre neutral.

9 Soundware specializes in patches for software instruments. Its products are developed with the stance that carefully programmed patches for DAW-native instruments can be more cost effective and potentially just as inspiring as new software purchases. The brand was founded on the mantra "IT'S NOT WHAT YOU USE, BUT HOW YOU USE IT.".

9 Soundware products are created FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO SOUND LIKE THEMSELVES, NOT A MUSICAL STYLE. Taking this idea further, the product line places little emphasis on hype, nostalgia, or romanticism surrounding musical instruments. The 9 Soundware approach to sound design is one which strives to reflect the spirit of those who unapologetically fly in the face of tradition.

9 Soundware is based in Cambridge, MA, USA.

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