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Hybrid drum kits. Chimera R is a set of patches for the Redrum drum sampler within Propellerhead Reason. The theme of the sound set is hybridism. Its origins are in five previously released 9 Soundware titles. The drum kits are based on samples from the Heartbeat and Concussion EXS24 sound sets, as well as patches from the Fire Juggler, Vortex, and Ax releases for the Thor, Malström, and Subtractor synthesizers, respectively.

The 50 Redrum patches in the sound set are divided into four categories.

Human Heartbeats (based on samples from Heartbeat)
Human/synthesis hybrid. The idea behind this category is the transformation of recordings of the human heart and other internal organs with signal processing. These Redrum kits are based on 100 samples. They are based on audio which was captured using an electronic stethoscope, which is more sensitive and capable of capturing quieter sounds compared to acoustic stethoscopes. This category consists of 10 Redrum kits. 199 samples from the multisample instruments of Heartbeat that have not been mapped in these patches are also included.

Found Objects (based on samples from Concussion)
Found object collisions. This category is based on acoustic impact sounds created entirely with found objects. These Redrum kits were constructed from samples of objects being struck, thrown, dropped, and manipulated in a variety of other ways. Among the items used in the recordings are sheet metal, furniture, auto parts, a flyswatter, chains, mousetraps, pipes, and a cardboard box. Examples include the sounds of a large piece of sheet metal being struck with a metal rod, furniture being slammed against the studio wall, a small chain being dropped onto a paint roller tray, and air produced from flinging a stick. This category consists of 10 Redrum kits. 94 samples from the Concussion multisample instrument that have not been mapped in these patches are also included.

Synthetic (based on resampled patches from Fire Juggler, Vortex, and Ax)
The Synthetic category consists of Redrum kits that feature resampled drum patches from the Fire Juggler, Vortex, and Ax sound sets (for Thor, Malström, and Subtractor, respectively). The sub categories of drum kit components emulated by the patches include Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi-Hat (Closed, Open, and Pedal), Tom, Crash Cymbal, Ride Cymbal, Side Stick, and Hand Clap. With the exception of the Tom patches, which were recorded at four separate pitches, one note was resampled for each patch. This category consists of 20 Redrum kits. All100 synthesizer patches (40 .thor, 30 .xwv, and 30 .zyp files) are also included.

The Chimera Redrum kits combine samples from the Human Heartbeats, Found Objects, and Synthetic categories. These patches also feature sample playback manipulation. This category consists of 10 Redrum kits.

The 50 Redrum kits of Chimera R are based on 309 samples. Included are 293 samples from the Heartbeat and Concussion sound sets that have not been mapped in these patches.

Human Heartbeats 01.drp
Human Heartbeats 02.drp
Human Heartbeats 03.drp
Human Heartbeats 04.drp
Human Heartbeats 05.drp
Human Heartbeats 06.drp
Human Heartbeats 07.drp
Human Heartbeats 08.drp
Human Heartbeats 09.drp
Human Heartbeats 10.drp

Found Objects 01.drp
Found Objects 02.drp
Found Objects 03.drp
Found Objects 04.drp
Found Objects 05.drp
Found Objects 06.drp
Found Objects 07.drp
Found Objects 08.drp
Found Objects 09.drp
Found Objects 10.drp

Ax 1.drp
Ax 2.drp
Ax 3.drp
Ax 4.drp
Ax 5.drp
Fire Juggler 01.drp
Fire Juggler 02.drp
Fire Juggler 03.drp
Fire Juggler 04.drp
Fire Juggler 05.drp
Fire Juggler 06.drp
Fire Juggler 07.drp
Fire Juggler 08.drp
Fire Juggler 09.drp
Fire Juggler 10.drp
Vortex 1.drp
Vortex 2.drp
Vortex 3.drp
Vortex 4.drp
Vortex 5.drp

Chimera 01.drp
Chimera 02.drp
Chimera 03.drp
Chimera 04.drp
Chimera 05.drp
Chimera 06.drp
Chimera 07.drp
Chimera 08.drp
Chimera 09.drp
Chimera 10.drp

Bass Drum 01.thor
Bass Drum 02.thor
Bass Drum 03.thor
Bass Drum 04.thor
Bass Drum 05.thor
Bass Drum 06.thor
Bass Drum 07.thor
Bass Drum 08.thor
Bass Drum 09.thor
Bass Drum 10.thor
Bass Drum 11.thor
Bass Drum 12.thor
Bass Drum 13.thor
Bass Drum 14.thor
Bass Drum 15.thor
Crash Cymbal.thor
Hand Clap 1.thor
Hand Clap 2.thor
Hi-Hat Closed.thor
Hi-Hat Open.thor
Hi-Hat Pedal.thor
Ride Cymbal.thor
Side Stick 1.thor
Side Stick 2.thor
Snare Drum 01.thor
Snare Drum 02.thor
Snare Drum 03.thor
Snare Drum 04.thor
Snare Drum 05.thor
Snare Drum 06.thor
Snare Drum 07.thor
Snare Drum 08.thor
Snare Drum 09.thor
Snare Drum 10.thor
Snare Drum 11.thor
Snare Drum 12.thor
Snare Drum 13.thor
Snare Drum 14.thor
Snare Drum 15.thor

Bass Drum 01.xwv
Bass Drum 02.xwv
Bass Drum 03.xwv
Bass Drum 04.xwv
Bass Drum 05.xwv
Bass Drum 06.xwv
Bass Drum 07.xwv
Bass Drum 08.xwv
Bass Drum 09.xwv
Bass Drum 10.xwv
Crash Cymbal.xwv
Hand Clap 1.xwv
Hand Clap 2.xwv
Hand Clap 3.xwv
Hi-Hat Closed.xwv
Hi-Hat Open.xwv
Hi-Hat Pedal.xwv
Ride Cymbal.xwv
Side Stick.xwv
Snare Drum 01.xwv
Snare Drum 02.xwv
Snare Drum 03.xwv
Snare Drum 04.xwv
Snare Drum 05.xwv
Snare Drum 06.xwv
Snare Drum 07.xwv
Snare Drum 08.xwv
Snare Drum 09.xwv
Snare Drum 10.xwv

Bass Drum 01.zyp
Bass Drum 02.zyp
Bass Drum 03.zyp
Bass Drum 04.zyp
Bass Drum 05.zyp
Bass Drum 06.zyp
Bass Drum 07.zyp
Bass Drum 08.zyp
Bass Drum 09.zyp
Bass Drum 10.zyp
Crash Cymbal.zyp
Hand Clap 1.zyp
Hand Clap 2.zyp
Hi-Hat Closed.zyp
Hi-Hat Open.zyp
Hi-Hat Pedal.zyp
Ride Cymbal.zyp
Side Stick 1.zyp
Side Stick 2.zyp
Snare Drum 01.zyp
Snare Drum 02.zyp
Snare Drum 03.zyp
Snare Drum 04.zyp
Snare Drum 05.zyp
Snare Drum 06.zyp
Snare Drum 07.zyp
Snare Drum 08.zyp
Snare Drum 09.zyp
Snare Drum 10.zyp

Sound design by Daisuke Fuchigami.


50 .drp files
602 WAV files (24-bit/44.1kHz)
40 .thor files
30 .xwv files
30 .zyp files

87 MB

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